Loungefly Pre-Order Updates

Welcome to our Loungefly Pre-Order updates page!📦 This is the go-to place to find out when your Loungefly pre-orders are due to arrive with us, as well as any updates we receive from Loungefly.💛

Loungefly August Collection

We're delighted that the majority of the August collection is now available for General Sale in New In. We are still waiting on a few more products to arrive, as soon as these arrive they will go into New In. Thank you being so patient with us!

Loungefly September Collection

We're still waiting on our all of our September stock to arrive from Loungefly. New stock from this collection is dropping as soon as we get it, so make sure to check New In for updates. As always, thank you for being so patient whilst we wait for these bags to arrive with us.

Loungefly October Collection

Hey Loungefly fans! We are still waiting on our October stock (including the Christmas Loungefly bags) to arrive from Loungefly. As soon as we have updates, they will be posted here.